1. How do I order additional copies?

Click here to order additional copies of Life Is Messy. 

2. Why did I receive the book, Life Is Messy?

People often ask how they received a free copy of one of Matthew Kelly’s books in the mail or where their name was obtained from. Each year Matthew mails free books to thousands of people across the country – just because he loves sharing the message with new people. We rent mailing lists from database companies for this purpose, and we hope you enjoy the book.

3. Where is my order?

Please allow some time for the books to be sent. Click here to view our shipping policy. We are unable to provide specific tracking information.

4. Do you ship to outside of the United States?

Yes! We ship to addresses within in the United States and Canada.

5. Can I order these books in Spanish?

This offer is currently only valid in English.

6. I need more books! How do I place a bulk order?

You can place a bulk order here.